A Choice of a Laundry Basket

white laundry basket
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A laundry basket is needed to maintain the cleanliness of the house, where dirty things are sent, so as not to spread a bad smell and not embarrass the owners with its sloppy appearance. But which basket is best to choose from SONGMICS HOME?

A laundry basket with divisions

It is better to choose a laundry basket with divisions made of plastic, fabric or metal. This will help reduce the rate at which a musty smell appears among the collected dirty items. Moreover, 3 section laundry basket can prevent colors from mixing in clothes.

basket with clothes
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Shapes and sizes

If we talk about the shapes of built-in baskets, then there are no limits to imagination. On sale you can find rectangular, square and round models. The latter are not very convenient to use and therefore are less common.

Based on the installation method, there are two types of built-in products:

  • wall-mounted (a similar kind of pencil case with a bathroom basket will have a flat back wall, it is adjacent to the wall and can be placed anywhere);
  • corner (pencil cases with a basket with a cross-section in the form of a triangle or trapezoid, the design of which includes a right angle, most often these are floor products; in terms of their capacity they are not inferior to other options, but they occupy those areas in the bathroom that, as a rule, are not used).
blue laundry basket
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Tips and tricks

A built-in removable product for collecting stale linen can be equipped in any closet, cabinet, chest of drawers. The best way to do this is by purchasing plastic boxes without a lid or large drawers. In this case, you need to remember the parameters of the niche for which the basket is being purchased. The dimensions of the basket should be 2 cm smaller than the shelf into which you want to build the product.

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