Cap print – accessory with a twist

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Popularity of caps is undeniable, as they are practical. They are loved by people of any age. This headwear is always in sight, therefore, it can definitely perform functions of an advertising. A custom cap printing singapore or text applied to it will certainly attract attention, it will be remembered for a long time.

Variety of baseball cap models is impressive. Everyone will be able to choose a type that suits him perfectly. The most common are varieties with straight or curved visors. Caps with a mesh on the back of the head are used in the warm season, especially those who have an active lifestyle.

Caps with the company logo are effective advertising. They are widely used as souvenirs, as well as an element of the form of company employees. When communicating with company employees who will be in company caps, inscriptions or images on them will be remembered for a long time.

Caps are used to enhance team spirit, formation of corporate culture. You can often see sports teams in the same baseball caps with a symbolic name or emblem.

At present, baseball caps with an original print are chosen as a gift for friends. Such a practical present will be useful in hot season.

A special film is used while thermal printing. It has two types of processing: flex and flock. The first variety is elastic, durable, has a smooth texture. The second – has a fleecy surface, creates a velvet effect.

The most profitable way to apply a picture is screen printing. In this case, a high-quality image is obtained that does not deteriorate during washing. Caps printed using this method are durable.

Embroidery gives the product originality and originality. The logo will retain its former appearance for a long time. The cost of the finished product depends on the frequency of stitches.

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