Equestrian sports and safety

Equestrian sports and safety
Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

Horseback riding is an unforgettable experience! There is nothing better than fresh wind, the warmth of a horse’s body and the feeling of flight. However, like any sport, this sport can be dangerous. Let the horse be familiar, well-mannered, but it is a vulnerable animal, and it is not known what may happen in the next minute.

As long as you sit on the horse’s back, you are safe. Most often, there is a fall from a horse, which, in terms of height, differs little from a fall from a sports equipment or a fence. The most dangerous falls with the horse are when the horse covers a person, since the weight of the animal is on average about 500 kg. It is dangerous to fall on the side with the horse. Falling with the horse forward can often be observed at a canter, when the horse stumbles and falls on its front legs or rolls forward.

To prevent this from happening, you need to wear special protective equipment: a helmet, safety vest and magnetic safety stirrups. A helmet protects your head from various injuries, a vest keeps your torso in shape, and the stirrups prevent you from falling.

You should also be careful when caring for your horse. When organizing horse grooming, you should not be near the horse’s limbs at a close distance. All manipulations should be smooth and gentle. You cannot approach from behind. After the completion of the care process, the animals are wiped with chamois or a damp cloth.

The first meeting with a horse must always be in the presence of the trainer or the owner. It is very important. It is not known whether the animal will make contact with you, and how it will react to your desire to ride.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your ride!

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