How to Choose a Chest for the Bedroom?

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It is most convenient to store bedsheets, clothes, CDs, books, and cosmetics in a chest of drawers. This piece of furniture can also serve as a TV stand, nightstand, or changing table. In order to get the most comfortable furniture piece, you need to determine how to choose the right chest for your bedroom.

What size should the chest be?

If your space is limited and you already have a double bed and an oversized wardrobe, it will be challenging to find room for the SONGMICS chest. However, even small models are available if there is truly a need for one.

The size of a chest also depends on the purpose. If you only need storage for small items like cosmetics or CDs, you can opt for a smaller model. On the other hand, a larger chest is required for convenient storage of linens.

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Chest manufacturing materials

We are resting in the bedroom, so we cannot actively control what is happening to us. In order to always stay safe and not get poisoned by chemicals, it is better to choose furniture made of natural materials. This also applies to dressers. The most ideal option is a chest of drawers made of natural wood. However, there may be fabric drawers in the chest of drawers.

Dressers are made from:

  • Natural wood;
  • Plastic. Such dressers are usually chosen for bathrooms, but if you want to put such a chest of drawers in the bedroom, then choose it from high-quality plastic;
  • Metal and glass are often combined with other materials, although if you look well, you may find an all-metal chest. Such a product would not be suitable in every bedroom.
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Chests can also be mounted on the floor or wall. It is worth considering your preferences, budget, and interior when choosing.

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