How to choose a quality blood pressure monitor?

How to choose a quality blood pressure monitor
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A wide variety of blood pressure monitors are on sale today. There are big and small, expensive and not so, dressed on the shoulder and on the wrist models. How to choose the most suitable from such a variety?

Any blood pressure monitor from Antrolife can be used up to the age of forty-five. Between the ages of forty-five and seventy, it is more convenient to use a semi-automatic or automatic tonometer. After the age of seventy, it is better to purchase a device that shows the presence of an irregular heartbeat.

With an irregular pulse (various types of persistent arrhythmias), it is better to use a tonometer Antrolife AES-UB21, because some other products has high sensitivity and may not always give the correct result.

With too frequent contractions of the heart (tachyforms of arrhythmias), you need to purchase a special tonometer, which is programmed for sequential threefold measurement of blood pressure, followed by the issuance of an average result.

If you feel that you cannot master the method of measuring pressure using a mechanical tonometer, choose a device with an intelligent logic system that will select the method of measuring pressure in your specific case.

Never use a tonometer with a wrist cuff, as it cannot measure blood pressure correctly. Select the device with such a cuff size that corresponds to the volume of your arm, while its rubber tube should cover the shoulder circumferentially by eighty percent or more.

Now you have enough information to choose the blood pressure monitor that is most suitable for you. Do not forget to check it in a timely manner for measurement accuracy at least once every six months. This way you can always keep your blood pressure level under control. Monitor your health and make the right purchases.

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