Rules for Choosing a Clothes Rack

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Optimizing the space in the hallway is an important task for the designer. It’s good if vasagle clothes rack is at hand and at the same time in a secluded place. The ideal option is a hanger in the hallway.

You can choose a clothes rack only with your eyes – buy a model that suits your style. However, we still recommend taking into account three objective parameters:

clothes on hangers
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This parameter should correspond to the average height of family members. It is important that everyone is comfortable using the device. Therefore, if there are children in the family, it is better to provide a separate VASALGLE clothes rack for them.

Number of hooks

Optimally – 3 for each family member. If you want a compact hanging model, pay attention to double-row models. These are equipped with large hooks for outerwear and small ones for accessories.

Color and design

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Ideal if the product fits into the style of the interior. When choosing shades, you can be guided by the design range or make the clothes rack a bright, accent detail. However, in the second case, the tone should echo the colors present in the interior. For example, the hallway itself is light, and the furniture is yellow or orange. Then it is more logical to choose a clothes rack in a similar color scheme. The result is a bright ensemble of objects in a laconic, calm interior. If you don’t like experimenting with rich colors, choose a classic – a model in white or black.

If the hallway already has a hanger, you can purchase another one of a similar design, but in a different color variation. A duet of accessories will become the highlight of the interior, diluting an overly simple or strict design.

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