Shopping etiquette in the UK

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It is pleasant to be a buyer in London as the service is at the highest level; therefore purchases can bring pleasure if not paying attention to the prices. Refunding of the product back to the store is not the issue there, and the customer may not tell the reason of the return. The change and full return of the entire cost is possible when the goods have check and unspoiled tag.

In the UK stores it is allowed to try on any clothes (except underwear), whatever they are, while in other countries it often happens that one can take into the fitting room only three or four things. If the item does not fit, it is possible to order it. The purchase will be delivered to the specified address (within London) during several days.

Some British Shoe shops offer a very interesting service. At the entrance customers are issued a voucher number and if it matches with the number that is displayed later on a display (or the name of the seller), the buyer is served first — he will have so many shoes to try on, how much he will ask, until a selection is made. The tourists may be surprised to know this service, but it helps sellers to ensure that the customer has not left the store empty-handed.

It is worth to mention the fact that in the UK there are no annoying sales assistants; they are not “hovering”, as it often happens in other countries. If the customer needs advice, they will happily assist guests of the store.

It is impossible to imagine shopping in London, as in any other city, without sales. Sales in London’s Department stores are normally held twice a year, in mid-summer and during the Christmas holidays. There are, of course, additional sales (for example, in honor of the anniversary of the company, etc.). So mid- summer and period from 27 December to 13 January is a time of the biggest discounts and, consequently, the largest influx of buyers. Sometimes the price of things during these days can be reduced for 50-75%.

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