Stall For Your Iron Horse

Stall For Your Iron Horse
Image by Opollo Photography from Pixabay

The diligent owner knows: if you do not put the car in a safe place, it will not last long faithfully. Direct sunlight, rain, snow storm – all this affects the condition of the car body.

Shade is an easy and inexpensive way out of the situation. You can find a wide selection of designs and colours of such shades on the website

car in a safe place
Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

Location of the shade on the site

In fact, it is not so easy to decide where it is better to place a parking lot for cars on the site. It is convenient if the shade is located right at the entrance. However, if it rains outside, you will have to run from the shade to the house under a cold shower. If there are two cars in the family, the location of the shade in the depth of the plot will create additional difficulties for parking.

There is a good solution. This is exactly what the experts from shade n net are ready to offer. So, a shade located along the fence with a covered gallery to the entrance to the house is a great idea for those who do not want to get wet in the rain.

get wet in the rain
Photo by Flo Pappert on Unsplash

Owners of a large plot can afford a garage and a shade in front of it. There are also advantages in such a design:

  • at night, you can put the car in the garage, and if you have to travel during the day, leave it under the shade;
  • a shade for two cars will be useful if guests arrive;
  • if you install a shade between the garage and the house, it can be used as a gazebo in rainy weather, set a table there or install a barbecue.

Experienced motorists claim that an iron horse feels better under a shade than in a damp indoor environment.

August 1, 2021

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