What to watch?

What to watch?
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No matter how shopping lover you are, it doesn’t take all of your time.  Passive relaxation in front of the TV is not a crime against a healthy lifestyle, but a necessary respite from an eventful life.  However, today the choice of TV product is so huge that you cannot just turn on the TV and sit in front of the screen.  You need to know what exactly you would like to watch.  And for that you need … right, you need to make a “shopping list”, your “TV shopping” plan.  You need to study the offer and decide what exactly you want to buy … that is, of course, to watch!

So that you do not get lost among a huge number of TV series, films, and shows, the UK Air Dates team is ready to ease your choices.  Just visit the site for a selection of the freshest and most exciting TV products. Trailers, announcements, TV premiere dates, a selection of the most interesting films and shows by genre and by category, you will find all this on UK Air Dates. So, what will TV please us in the near future?

Fans of science fiction in general and the Star Trek universe, in particular, will love to watch the sequel to Star Trek: Lower Decks.  The Briarpatch series invites viewers to plunge into the real atmosphere of crime noir with elements of surrealism that echo a real psychological thriller.  And of the upcoming premieres, of course, you should pay attention to the British comedy-fantasy series Code 404, to the drama about the real history of the space race in the alternative universe For All Mankind, and, of course, not to miss the Hausen air date.

This is a groundbreaking series about haunted houses.  The dark and confusing story begins when 16-year-old Juri and his father Jaschek move into a run-down apartment complex on the outskirts of town. The housing complex turns into a microcosm full of losers, traumatized characters, where everyone has their own story and destiny. Will the young man succeed in defeating a house that lives its own vicious life and feeds on the suffering of its inhabitants?  Will it be too late? The amazing work of the costume designers and the art director of the series deserves special words of gratitude, they managed to embody the atmosphere of hopelessness.  The work of the actors, cameramen, director, and all other creators of Hausen is also on top.

UK Air Dates is your guide and assistant in the world of television. Choose those films and TV shows that are most interesting to you, make your list, then sit in front of the screen and enjoy.

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