Where to Buy Quality Silk Clothes?

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Silk has always been considered a premium fabric as it is very difficult to obtain and has certain properties when worn. But how to choose a store where the fabric of the dresses and other clothes is environmentally friendly and tested by experts?

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GOELIA offers its customers exactly such products. For more than 20 years, the company has been providing its customers with hypoallergenic, high-quality aesthetic clothing.

Aesthetic clothing – what is it?

The aesthetic function of clothing is to create a harmonious and attractive image. Through the choice of style, colors, shape and materials, clothing helps us express our individuality and attract the attention of others. GOELIA perfectly helps with it.

Dressing stylishly and neatly can be the starting point for a successful first impression. Our partners, clients, colleagues and even random passers-by judge us by our appearance. Beautiful and stylish clothing creates a positive image of us and helps to establish trust with others. And silk fabric is considered the most aesthetically pleasing, especially if it is wild silk.

Why is it wild?

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What wild silk it is will become clear once you understand the origin of the fibers. The silkworm Bombixmori is a cultivated species of caterpillar whose cocoons are used to obtain raw materials for textile production. A group of materials made from such threads is called “mulberry”.

Wild silk is a dense fabric with a matte, muted sheen, soft and pleasant to the touch. The material drapes well, has dimensional stability, but requires delicate care and is difficult to work with. The fabric “breathes”, demonstrates high hygroscopicity, and gives a feeling of coolness in hot weather. Products made from this textile are comfortable and pleasant to the body.

GOELIA produces fabric using ancient methods, which makes clothes made from this material premium. Now you know who you can trust when it comes to purchasing silk new clothes.

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