A star is the most romantic gift

A star is the most romantic gift
Image by My pictures are CC0. When doing composings: from Pixabay

We are again approaching a memorable date. And it’s time to turn on the fifth gear and race in search of a worthy gift. You are already tired and desperate, and suddenly – a miracle! You find an unusual, original and not too expensive way to make this holiday unforgettable to buy a star. And it consists of three components: a star, a telescope, a certificate for the original name of the star (of course, this is the name of the person to whom the gift is presented).

By naming a star after your child or the child of your friends, you are even doing a useful job. In some cases, this can lead to the fact that the happy owner of a personal star begins to get seriously involved in astronomy and everything connected with it. Another point is if you are both young people in love. At this age, material value and legal accuracy play a tenth role. It will be just an interesting and funny gift that only matters for the two of you.

You can take such a step on a sad occasion. For example, in America people often do this if one of the older family members dies. Then they buy a personal certificate and tell the bored grandchildren that their beloved grandmother flew to heaven and turned into a star. Here, no one harbors unnecessary illusions – everything is done for a specific purpose.

Therefore, if you also want to make such a gift to a loved one, do not hesitate. Just do not take it too seriously and take into account various little things when working with a registrar, in order to at least be able to visually evaluate your “purchase”. By signing the “celestial body naming agreement”, you, in addition to receiving a set of souvenirs, receive the right “to use a component of the intellectual property object”. Thousands of people give their names to the stars and are happy. Make such a magical gift too!

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