Rules for choosing silver jewelry: what to look for

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Silver items amaze with their beauty, variety and affordability. Given the value of silver relative to gold, many people prefer this particular metal. In addition, silver is a more “noble” metal, according to popular belief.

The first and main requirement that few people fulfill is to buy products in specialized jewelry stores. Silver can also be ordered online, but trust only reliable sites.

When buying a silver ear cuff, the next requirement is the presence of a hallmark with a test. Silver is a soft metal and for this reason additional metals are often added to it. The presence of extraneous metals in the alloy, their percentage define such a concept as a hallmark of silver. The highest quality silver item will be the item with the number “925”. Such a test means that the purchased jewelry is made of sterling silver, an alloy of copper and silver, and the content of pure argentum is 92.5%. Silver of a higher standard is found only in silver bars, which are stored in banks.  It should be said that, for example, in Japan there are ingots of pure metal of 1000 standard, without impurity.

Acquisition of silver rings is often accompanied by a long choice on the part of the buyer. Studying the thin lines of soldering or the delicate weaves of a future purchase, the client often forgets to check the documents. Like any piece of jewelry, silver jewelry has its own passport. Impurities that were added during the manufacture of a particular piece are indicated in the passport.

If the product is of poor quality, then it leaves marks on the skin. Did you know that chalk will darken if high-quality silver is rubbed with it? It is true.

Buy silver jewelry only from reliable and trusted suppliers, read reviews about stores. Always keep your cheque. Enjoy your shopping!

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