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Everybody should always pay attention to his or her body while exercising in the gym. It is important to be careful in order not to harm your organism. Sometimes you need support of certain muscles and ligaments for a specific kind of exercise. At first glance, it may seem that the training corset at is no different from traditional slimming or corrective underwear. However, it has a slightly different purpose and is worn in a different way, without creating pressure on the internal organs of the patient or athlete. A special safe fabric is used in its production. The latex corset has been spreading around the globe since the 2000s as a means of losing weight and training. It has nothing to do with the formation or tightening of the bust and is aimed solely at the correction of the waist.

It is believed that it really reduces its volume with regular use in normal wear, and especially during fitness classes. Firstly, the design itself drains the waist, and secondly, due to the increased sweat, fats and toxins vanish with it. Another interesting effect: since there is a decrease in internal organs, the need to accept the same volumes of food is reduced.

The popularity of the belt-corset for training from was caused by the desire of numerous female representatives to have an “hourglass figure”.

You should not count on the fact that the corset will change the figure in the shortest possible time, even if you combine it with power loads. Rather, it has a cosmetic anti-cellulite effect. With regular use, it improves appearance of the skin, removes fat deposits from the sides and raises the tone of the abdominal muscles due to the fact that they have to be a little tense during training in a corset.

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