What toys develop a child’s motor skills?

Image from Woodencaterpillar.com

Every mother wants her child to develop harmoniously, and developing toys help a lot. They can be very different, but their main task is to help the baby learn new skills and develop existing ones. If you have a child, offer him lacing toys. The toy can be solid or elastic, and the laces can be multi-colored and have different lengths and thicknesses. The simplest variant is a base and a few ropes with solid tips that can be tied in different ways.

How useful are lacing games for a small child? They help the baby to develop in different directions:

  • Regular training of fine motor skills allows you to develop speech.
  • By playing such games, the child will be able to learn how to tie shoelaces without any problems. In addition, the process will be interesting and exciting.
  • Lacing develops logical thinking, because the baby needs to reflect on which hole to thread the lace.
  • Fantasy can also be activated if the game is complex and has several laces and removable parts: the child will come up with new combinations, create patterns.
  • Lacing games promote agility.
  • Playing with lacing improves coordination, as the child has to thread the ropes inside and out, getting tips into narrow holes.
  • This is a great eye training.
  • Such games increase concentration, develop perseverance.
  • Such games, as a rule, are much cheaper than other toys.

Developing fine motor skills toys are made from natural, environmentally friendly materials, so they are absolutely harmless. The risks of swallowing parts are small, as models for babies usually have large elements.

Do not keep it with the rest of the toys, but get it before playing so that the baby does not lose interest in lacing. Do not offer it every day, you can do it every other day or several times a week, alternating with other entertainments.

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