Blue Nail Designs for 2022-2023

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Among the variety of colors offered by modern nail salons, blue occupies a special place. Its wide range of shades allows you to choose from a large number of aesthetically pleasing hues, from deep ocean blue to pastel baby blue, to create the perfect nail art design. Fashion trends for 2022-2023 do not deprive modern girls of the opportunity to enjoy the best nail art designs that use different shades of blue and can be applied to both long and short nails.

Royal Blue and White Nails

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This imaginative blue and white manicure is considered a very successful color combination that looks elegant and refreshing. Mixed together, blue and white can easily create a subtle contrast and make a single whole, especially if you turn to a highly qualified nail artist.

As the base coat, white shellac looks beautiful when supplemented by blue extra fine striping tapes placed parallel to each other. This nail art design looks elegant and pretty. What’s more, this color combination matches everything, so you are not restricted by what you wear.

Blue gel polish is an excellent solution if used as the base coat and covered with a pattern of snow-white stars randomly scattered all over its surface. This manicure looks amazing on all nail lengths. However, long nails are preferable if you need more space for your heavenly designs.

This perfect color combination is also suitable for creating a classic half-moon manicure. This nail art design works across all nail lengths and shapes. It always looks elegant and sophisticated, no matter what tones you use. However, the blue decor paired with a snow-white half-moon at the bottom accents the lunula and looks incredibly charming, especially when combined with white French manicure smile lines.

For more royal blue nail ideas, please follow this link.

Blue and Silver Nails

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Blue and silver are another quite appropriate and harmonious combination of colors. Taken in the same cold color palette with blue-black or deep matte blue, silver looks visually appealing and elegantly decorates the nails of beautiful female hands.

Thus, a glossy dark ultramarine base coat can be perfectly complemented by a scattering of silver sequins dotted at the nail bed. Concentrated above the lunula and blended closer to the middle of the nail, shimmer or glitter sequins give deep silver sparkles and look just wonderful.

No less elegant look silver tips against the background of blue-coated nails. The same is true in reverse – the combination of a blue smile line with dip powder nails perfectly imitates the silver mirror surface with a dark blue edging and makes your nails look irresistible and chic.

If you need an elegant and festive-looking type of nail art design, please pay attention to a combination of electric blue nails with silver-colored pearls dotted at the nail bed. It is a truly magnificent and gorgeous decor that looks great both on square nails and on almond-shaped and sharp stiletto nails.

Blue and Gold Nails

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The combination of blue and gold looks no less high-quality and impressive, especially when involving various nail decorations. The best ideas of 2022-2023 allow nail artists to create a trendy manicure and transform your nails into a real piece of art:

  • gold striping tapes: applied in various geometric directions, extra thin gold-colored striping tapes can help you subtly emphasize the depth of your matte blue velvet base coating. This nail art design will appeal to both a business lady with rich life experience and a young girl who is still attending an institute or university – the versatility of this design makes it highly popular among women of all ages;
  • golden beads: neatly laid out along the entire length of two nail plates, the beads look amazing combined with azure dark blue nails. This beautifully designed manicure can perfectly complement your evening dress, thus allowing you to finish off your chic party look and eventually stand out of the crowd;
  • golden charms: placed at the bottom of your nail, a golden charm in the form of a crown makes your nails look rather expensive, beautiful, and trendy. Gently and unobtrusively emphasizing the aristocracy of this nail art design, the gold crown or any similar decorative elements fit perfectly into the blue of the base coat.

Blue and Yellow Nails

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Blue and yellow are contrasting yet complementary, which makes them easy to combine. That is why electric blue nails also go well with yellow tones that can be fun, flirty, glamorous, and sensible at the same time:

  • blue and yellow nails with rhinestones – it is a magnificent and the most popular summer-themed composition that looks elegant and can be used to create a variety of looks: a deep yellow base coat will perfectly set off blue crystal rhinestones placed at the very bottom of your nail;
  • craquelure blue and yellow nails – this rather unusual but extremely interesting technique is used to create various nail designs that imitate an aged surface, from under which areas of a contrasting shade appear (these may be light cracks on a dark base coat and vice versa);
  • alternation of blue and yellow nails – you can combine these colors on different nails, for example, monochromatic yellow on the ring and middle finger and electric blue on the rest. Feel free to complement the ring finger with a butterfly design, thereby making your nails look more impressive.


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