Conservatory is a Really Good Idea

conservatory with table
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To increase the usable area of the house, many owners decide to add an additional architectural element to the building and engage in conservatory shopping. This room is universal, it can turn into a vestibule, a winter garden, a dining room or summer kitchen, a bedroom, an office, etc. In any case, a new room needs reliable protection from the weather.

conservatory with plants
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One possible solution to the problem is glazing. It makes it possible to admire the surrounding landscape without any interference, but not to experience all the vagaries of nature. The first step is for the owners of a new building to choose the optimal type of glazing, so they will get to know all the potential design options for the conservatory.

When installing windows, the main attention deserves the exit from the room, since the well-being of the extension, the house itself and its owners depends on it. Therefore, the glazed exit must be:

  • safe: the ideal material that will prevent injuries is triplex glass;
  • energy efficient if the room is insulated and heated;
  • wide and comfortable – open without problems.
  • The last, but most important quality is the burglary resistance of the exit, through which thieves in most cases enter the building. To prevent a dangerous situation, this part of the structure must be protected and strengthened as much as possible.
big conservatory
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Partial glazing is suitable for dachas, for rooms that offer the most picturesque views. A warm veranda, a “liking” for panoramic windows and a desire to admire the starry sky are reasons to decorate the extension with a glass roof.

A veranda with panoramic windows is ideal for a private home, since an unusual room can be turned into a dining area, an office, a greenhouse, or a pleasant meeting place for family members and their friends.

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