Why You Should Add Collagen in Your Diet?

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With age, our body naturally begins to produce less collagen, and the quality of the protein already available in the body deteriorates. There is a huge variety of collagen on the market in completely different forms: collagen powder, collagen capsules, liquids and even jelly.

Why is it important to take collagen?

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  • It helps prevents early ageing accelerating the process of reducing collagen levels.
  • Modern cosmetology widely uses skin care products, which contain hyaluronic acid and collagen. These components are present in masks, lotions, injections, serums, hydrogel patches and other products.
  • It supports the health of joints with age and reduces their soreness. Thanks to collagen, the joints are protected by strong, elastic cartilage, which protects the joints from wear
  • Collagen is useful to take in combination with biotin. Both of these substances are safe, well-tolerated bioactive cosmetic preparations that support the health of hair, skin and nails.
  • According to research, the intake of hydrolysed collagen (powders, collagen tablets) stimulates the regeneration of collagen tissues, reduces discomfort in the joints, helping to prevent loss of their density.
  • It promotes intestinal health.
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    Collagen gives strength to all body tissues, including the lining of the stomach and intestines.
  • It increases bone density

Bone loss begins around the age of 30, especially in women — every year it decreases by 0.5% per year, and after menopause — by 2% or more.

For better absorption of collagen, it is necessary to take vitamin C. It is better to include foods rich in vitamin C. For example, citrus fruits and berries in the diet. And it is also important to take silica, as silica helps to increase the production of your own collagen.

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