Delivery of the order in a guaranteed time

Delivery of the order in a guaranteed time
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According to a survey, 65% of all the customers of online stores consider home delivery of goods as an advantage of shopping online. 36% of respondents do not buy on the Internet precisely because of the long delivery.

If your product is delivered within the time period announced to the buyer, this means that the online store has correctly chosen the type of delivery and has learned to work correctly with the courier company.

What is the main principle of choosing a courier service? Determine what tasks courier service should solve. Delivery of clothes and furniture are different. In the first case, additional services will be required, such as fitting or partial return of the order, and there is a large-sized product in the second case, for transportation of which you need a loader and a large car. Therefore, consider the additional services that customers will need and send cheaper parcel UK.

Compare the delivery promises with your resources – are there people who will accept the order, prepare for shipment, pack it?

Not everything depends on the delivery service. The key role is played by processes in the online store. If his work is not arranged correctly, no prompt delivery will correct the situation.

The ideal type of delivery is when the delivery method is suitable for the ordered goods, and the site offers a service that is available in the city of the client, at a time suitable for him that you and the service provider are able to provide.

The main plus of courier delivery is ability to deliver to the door and greater efficiency. Depending on the specific company, there may be additional services, including fitting or partial redemption of the order.

Typically, when the goods are delivered by courier, customers are more demanding on time. Often a customer associates a courier with the online store, so he will attribute the delivery problems to him.

Urgent courier delivery is needed to satisfy the most demanding customers. The main disadvantages are the high cost and high risk of refusal of the goods if the courier has violated the delivery time.

Delivery times differ in various companies, take into account some nuances. For the region in which the store is physically located, delivery is acceptable within 1-2 days after the day of order. Outside of large cities, depending on the cost and type of delivery, the buyer receives a parcel in the range of 3–9 days or 1-3 weeks. Perhaps some of the customers have no critical deadlines, if you can pay less for it.

Check on what days the service delivers orders, whether they work on weekends. If your target audience is the residents of business centers, you can send them goods on weekdays, but if you sell garden accessories, the courier will have to work on the weekend.

Specify the delivery hours: some customers need an order in the evening, when they have already returned home from work.

Delivery interval is important too. Courier service can arrive either at the exact time or throughout the day.


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