What paint for shoes should be chosen

What paint for shoes should be chosen
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It is very important to ensure proper and high-quality care for your shoes in order to retain their attractive appearance, color and presentability for a long time. Special tools such as creams and black shoe dye will help you to keep your shoes new. Thanks to them, you will not only keep your shoes clean, but also create a protective barrier on their surface that will extend its operational life.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing protective equipment for such products is the material from which they are made. It can be suede, plain or patent leather. It is important whether it is natural material or artificial.

Experts do not recommend using products designed for one particular type of shoe on other materials. For example, paint for leather shoes will spoil boots from suede.

Nowadays the following types of paints used for shoe care are presented on the market:

  • Dyes based on natural oils and beeswax are designed for perfectly smooth or varnished surfaces.
  • Dense and greasy formulations based on organic solvents create a waterproof barrier film that protects the product from the damaging effects of moisture, snow and frost.
  • Sprays and aerosols are intended for suede products care. They spray protective composition over the surface, thereby providing it with complete protection.
  • Liquid emulsion formulations are best used in the warmer months, as they dissolve well, letting air in. Such paints protect shoes from stretching and cracking.
  • Silicone impregnation is designed to protect the product from penetration of dirt and water into the interior of the material. Therefore, using such funds, getting your feet wet and changing the shape of the shoes does not threaten you, since the water will simply drain over their surface.
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