Fresh prepared vegetables

Fresh prepared vegetables
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For every cooking business, Prepared Vegetables is needed.  This is a great way to save time.

Almost no chef can do without preliminary preparation of the goods supplied to the kitchen.  Product manipulations such as defrosting, peeling or veining, slicing, marinating, and so on, significantly reduce lead times and maintain the high quality of food.  Chefs prefer to process products on their own, although they resort to buying ready-made blanks (semi-finished products).  Indeed, it is better to just buy prepared products, so that later you do not have to worry that you did not have time to do something.

How to keep prepared vegetables fresh

A number of vegetables, fruits, potatoes, subject to the necessary storage conditions, can be kept fresh until spring and even before the arrival of a new crop: potatoes, beets, carrots, radishes, turnips, cabbage, pumpkins, apples, pears and other products.  Fresh tomatoes from the plot when laying for storage of green and blange can be consumed until the new year.  Fresh cucumbers are not stored for long, but at temperatures close to zero and humidity up to 95 percent, they can be stored for three weeks.  It is better to take those that have a strong, rough skin, they do not turn yellow longer and do not lose their taste.

Advantages of grocery preparations

  • your workpieces are always tastier;
  • for restaurants, this allows you to reduce the cost of meals out of season.  For example, baked Bulgarian pepper on average in winter costs $ 3-4, fresh in summer — $2.  Accordingly, the cost of meals without preparation can increase 3-5 times.

Today there are many services that can help with the delivery of already prepared products.  And this is really very convenient, since you can immediately get, for example, already chopped carrots or peeled parsnip.

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