World of the BeYindi jewelry

World of the BeYindi jewelry
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

The people of Thailand have been working hard for generations in cutting the best precious and semi-precious gems. Not only does it produce tons of them, but Thailand also exports jewelry to other countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia and all over the World! The pieces on this website consist entirely natural components such as high quality 925 sterling silver; semiprecious stones (including tourmaline!), freshwater pearls leather seashells wood or glass.

All the products presented online have been carefully selected to meet global fashion trends and my own sense of BeYindi style. Currently, all items are shipped directly from Thailand, where BeYindi based (and make most things), establishing authenticity as well as uniqueness in materials like these amazing garments that you can’t find anywhere else! So if you’re looking for something unique then fear not because now it’s found; just visit to shop with confidence!

BeYindi pink crystals bracelets

The world has been taken over by pink. Whether you’re at a beauty store or in the jewelry section, it seems like there’s no escaping this color and its charm! Pink can be easily implemented into any outfit for an elegant touch that adds romance as well as playfulness to your look without having too much going on with makeup (or clothes). Pink can be used to add an interesting contrast in the monochrome world. If you’re going for a more punk-rock vibe, then fuchsia or magenta are perfect shades that will make any outfit pop!

We understand that you want your jewelry to be both functional and fashionable. We’ve created many pieces in which we used precious stones like pink crystals bracelets with star rubies, rose quartz, rhodonite or even fluorite! To find out more go on

 There’s something for everyone – not just those who prefer “girly” things; there is also an extensive range including gold-plated items as well.

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