How to calculate repair costs: two stages of work

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

So often, when preparing for repairs, they say that you need to buy building materials, but which ones are not always clear. When carrying out and planning repairs, it should be understood that only 2 factors affect its high result: high-quality building materials and the professionalism of the team.

Acquisition of the entire volume of material at once is irrational. Excess material will interfere with workers, it will constantly have to be moved from place to place, which will lead to a loss of time. It is necessary to divide all work into two main stages: roughing and finishing.


That type of work can include leveling, plastering various surfaces (walls, ceiling, floor); hydro, heat and sound insulation of premises; reinforcement of cracks with a special mesh; replacement of parquet flooring; replacement of window blocks.

It is not necessary that all the listed works will be performed during the repair. For this, a detailed project is drawn up in order to understand what will be done in the premises. Having decided on the scope of work, you can go to the construction market for the materials necessary at this stage.


This stage may include facing surfaces with tiles; pasting walls with wallpaper; installation of stretch ceilings, linoleum laying; painting of surfaces requiring a certain tinting.

Finishing work starts from the ceiling with a gradual downward movement. The last thing that fits in the apartment before the construction team leaves is the floor covering. Therefore, when purchasing for this stage of work, you should not immediately purchase linoleum, carpet or other material for a similar purpose. It is better to leave this until the very last moment, when the walls and ceiling are ready.

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