Wooden Floor In Kids’ Room

Image by Goumbik from Pixabay

Children are more sensitive to substances harmful to health than adults. Therefore, in children’s rooms, it is better to give preference to natural materials. It is recommended to use wood as a decoration for walls and floors: it helps to create an excellent microclimate, provides additional protection from cold or heat, does not emit hazardous substances, and, if properly processed, can acquire resistance to fire.

Wood is an excellent material for flooring. It doesn’t matter where the nursery will be located – in the attic, on the ground floor or in an extension slightly raised above the ground – the surface of the wooden boards will remain pleasant to the touch and safe for both toddlers and teenagers.

If the boards are made of coniferous species, for example, Siberian larch, you can count on an additional healing effect. Essential oils contained in wooden flooring will create an unfavorable environment for bacteria and viruses. Colds and infections in wood-trimmed rooms will be less common. In addition, wood will provide healthy sleep and will have a positive effect on the nervous system.

With a properly equipped heating system, wooden floors can be walked barefoot all year round. This will have a positive effect on immunity, allow babies to harden up and get sick less often. However, in areas where the child spends a lot of time, during the winter, it is better to put small soft rugs to place his feet.

Children love the unusual environment. Therefore, when decorating a nursery, you can dream up and turn the room into a ship deck, a mysterious tower or a safe playground.

The most affordable lumber is pine. It is distinguished by its lightness, softness, pleasant golden color, which benefits from opening with varnish, but is also suitable for coloring

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