How to Care for Your Hair in Summer: Professional Tips

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Heat, dryness, ultraviolet rays, sea salt – all this can negatively affect the condition of hair locks. Learn how to organize proper hair care in the warm season to look perfect both in the office and on the beach.

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  • Refuse from traumatic rituals: in summer it is better not to do a perm or chemical straightening. Chemical compositions for these procedures are too aggressive and, in combination with external factors, can greatly harm the hair.
  • Frequent tinting with ammonia-free dyes is recommended to maintain colour in summer. Consult with your colourist, if to dye your hair in a complex technique now or it’s better to wait for autumn.
  • Before drying with a hair dryer, using curling tongs or straightening hair with an iron, apply thermoprotective agent. Stylers provoke dry hair, and thermal protection, on the contrary, slows down the evaporation of moisture.
  • Do not forget about the head massage: make a light three-minute massage while washing your hair in summer. This stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles and provides the hair with essential vitamins and trace elements.
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  • Use only product lines based on purest botanical ingredients for hair care.
  • Hats in summer are a must have. Do not ignore hats and panama hats: they not only save you from getting heat stroke, but also protect your hair from harmful sunlight.
  • Drinking regime is important: not only for general well–being, but also for hair health! A sufficient amount of moisture will help them cope with dry air and hot sun.
  • Consult with your doctor and, if necessary, pick up a vitamin complex for hair and scalp for the summer. Do not forget that uncontrolled intake of biologically active additives can harm the body.

Summer hair care is easy and pleasant, it will gently integrate into the usual beauty rituals and will not cause unnecessary trouble. Your healthy glowing hair will be the result.

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