How to Choose a Hoverboard for Child?

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When buying a hoverboard for children from 5 years old, it is recommended to focus on some details that will help you make the right choice. First of all, you should pay attention to the size. It is better for kids to take products with wheels with a diameter of 5-9 inches and a load capacity of 20-75 kg. Such products have a lower weight, which will help the child independently carry the product from the elevator to the car or yard. On small devices, learning is faster and easier.

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Hoverboard for kids has the ability to synchronize with the phone, which is important for parents, as they will be able to remotely control the device and regulate skating. Many manufacturers have their own applications that help to perform several functions at once:

  • have the ability to independently turn on and off the iHoverboard;
  • show malfunctions and identify breakdowns, which will prevent problems during the trip and make it easier for repairmen to work;
  • regulate the speed of the trip, which is important for parents of little extreme sportsmen;
  • monitor the current power, signal level and temperature of the control panel;
  • make it possible to set a speed limiter.
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Pay attention to the presence of a bright diode backlight. It not only makes the product more attractive and original, but also ensures safety during a trip in the evening.


For active children, it is recommended to purchase models made of special impact-resistant plastic, which will increase the operating life of the device and protect it from dirt and small stones. An important point is the presence of protection against dust and moisture not lower than IP66. To increase the service life of the device, it is recommended to purchase a silicone case that will prevent chips and scratches.

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