How to use TePe interdental brushes

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According to dentists, tepe interdental brushes are more effective than other devices. They clean wide gaps between the teeth and they are indispensable in the presence of braces and prostheses. The working part is located at an angle to the holder (handle), which increases the convenience of its use. The handles come in different shapes, and everybody has the opportunity to choose the most convenient option for himself. Forms of working nozzles and their sizes are also selected individually. You can go to the dentist, who with the help of simple measurements of anatomical features of the structure of your teeth will give recommendations on the choice of suitable models. Use them if you need to: remove food particles in hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity; remove stains on tooth enamel (from coffee, tea, tobacco smoke); hygiene of bridges and braces; your teeth require gentle massage and cleaning of gums.

Recommendations for proper use: move the brush to the cleaned interval. Select the correct angle of its position to make cleaning easy and comfortable (the dentists recommend the perpendicular position of the brush). Carefully insert the brush into the interdental space until it passes through and appears on the opposite side. Make a few reciprocating or rotational movements with the brush, pull it out and rinse with water. It is better to do it with a flowing stream. Now you can repeat the operation with the remaining interdental spaces until the cleaning is completed. Remember the main rule: you should not use effort while using it. It should enter your mouth easily and freely. If this does not happen, take a smaller diameter brush. Change the brush every week, even if the previous one seems quite workable and suitable for use.

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