Paint sprayer: how to make a right choice of the device

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Despite the simplicity of the device, it is difficult to determine how to choose a Paint sprayer. Not so long ago, this task was a little easier, because the market was full of only by pneumatic devices, but now there are lots of electric sprayers. It is necessary to know their structure, principle of operation and clearly imagine for what purposes they will be purchased to make the right choice.

The very name of this type of paint sprayer involves the use of compressed air during their work, so the design of the entire device will necessarily have a compressor (mainly with an electric motor) with a receiver. The paint spray is a nozzle in the form of a gun, the top or bottom of which is attached to the paint tank. The receiver and the sprayer are connected with a rubber flexible hose through which the air is supplied under pressure. Also paint is supplied in the sprayer, which is broken down by a stream of compressed air into tiny particles and blown them out of the nozzle of the gun. Its shape is made in such a way that the flow of air and paint is not straight, but formed a so-called torch, dispersing at a certain angle to the sides.

If you want such a device to work without failures, its components must be made of high-quality materials and precisely matched to each other. All these factors affect the final price, so pneumatic spray guns are mostly used by professionals. To make the right choice, you should look in the Internet, where you can order a paint sprayer online by reading the reviews and characteristics of this device. There are many disputes on the topic what it is necessary to choose: a sprayer or a compressor. It is possible to give different arguments. However, the right decision will be, to choose a sprayer, depending on the planned types of work, and then select a suitable compressor.

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