Important Points in the Meat Export Trade

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The export of meat products is actively developing. Regardless of what kind of products, which are planned for meat export, special background is often needed for export goods.

What’s in the beginning?

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When planning meat deliveries abroad, companies determine sales channels, the target core of the supplied assortment, delivery conditions and deadlines, and also check compliance with the requirements of importing countries and their own production capabilities.

Then an application is submitted for certification, passing a production inspection, and paper work. Further, everything depends on the market to which the meat should be sent, since a number of countries do not allow exports before the certification is finalized.


The requirements for exported meat are primarily related to biosafety. Importing countries are always interested in how exactly the quality control of products is carried out. For example, you should equip your production lines with X-ray inspection equipment to ensure 100% food safety of customers. At a minimum, export production must comply with the requirements of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Storage and transportation

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Often, when developing an export direction, companies need investments in the capacities themselves. It is worth investing in cold equipment, following the example of coldstore in Hungary, and in maintaining the safety of products during transportation.

There are certain requirements and recommendations for the organization of loading operations. Additional processing of each box with meat may be required during shipment with a special agent that prevents the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microflora. The truck body is subjected to sanitary washing from the outside and inside. The forwarding driver must have valid medical documents and personal protective equipment. During transportation, it is mandatory to maintain a temperature regime depending on the isothermal condition of meat products.  

In general, you should contact professionals in the wholesale trade of meat. Their expert knowledge will help solve all the problems.

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