Let’s choose a washing machine

Let’s choose a washing machine
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

How to choose not only beautiful, but also high-quality device? The simplest and most obvious parameter is the size of your future washing machine and the type of laundry load (front or vertical).

You should also decide whether you need a built-in or freestanding machine. Built-in washing machines are usually installed in the kitchen. Many people think whether to put a washing machine in the kitchen or not. If you do not like how your washing machine looks in this room, you can cover it with facades and it will not be visible. If you plan your kitchen in a right way, all the furniture and appliances will fit even on 4-5 square meters. Don’t forget about kitchen appliance cover.

Most washing machines have a height of 81-85 cm. For compact models that are installed under the sink, the height does not exceed 65-70 cm. Built-in machines are equipped with legs that allow you to change the height so that the machine fits the height of the kitchen set. If you prefer a model with a vertical loading, you will need to add several centimeters for the opening cover to the height of the machine. As for the model with horizontal loading: it is better to check in advance how convenient it will be to open it for everyday use.

Remember about washing machine insurance so as not to be worried about its breakage.

Keep in mind that vertical loading models have two significant advantages. The first is universal: they allow you to add laundry to the wash after starting the program without canceling it. The second is appreciated by older people: in order to load and remove laundry, you practically do not have to bend down or squat. If you plan to buy a washing machine for an elderly person, vertical loading can be safely put on the list of the most important priorities.

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