Outstaffing as a new trend in business

Photo by Pixabay.com

Currently, more and more unusual trends have begun to appear in shopping. For example, girls do not hesitate to rent bouquets of flowers in order to boast “generous admirers” on Instagram. Many branded stores even rent packages for the same purpose. A variety of strange purchases can be observed in online stores, among which the leader in the sale of unusual items is AliExpress.

The shocking news is that you can even buy people! There is nothing illegal or harmful to society. Ukranian developers created such a concept as outstaffing – the ability to use personnel capital by another company. Outstaffing company does not enter into any legal relations with employees of another company. In this model of cooperation, a specialist of the company receives a place for work, training and salary.

However, hired workers commit themselves to fulfill the full range of requirements and work specified in the agreement. In other words, an outstaffing company places its employees at the disposal of another company for a certain time.

The total amount of work required, the place and time of their implementation are prescribed by the company-customer in a bilateral agreement. Formally, the employees are on the staff of one enterprise, but in fact they perform work for another company.

The consistent development of management inevitably provokes the emergence of more and more new and innovative business solutions, the possibilities of their organization, and practical use. For example, with the advent of leasing and outsourcing of personnel, it has become possible to significantly simplify the process of managing personnel policies.

Speaking of outstaffing in simple phrase, we can say that this is the company’s ability to transfer its employees to other companies.

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