Shopping List for Safe and Comfortable Dog Walking

Shopping List for Safe and Comfortable Dog Walking
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What could be easier than walking with a dog? From the point of view of a dog, for whom every exit from home is a time for training and upbringing, games and sports — not everything is so clear. In addition, dog walking, in addition to common sense, is regulated by law. Therefore, you need to buy some things to make it comfortable not only for the dog and the owner, but also for the people around you. You will figure out whether only a leash with a collar is enough, or you will also need the best compostable poop bags UK.

What to take for a walk?

What to take for a walk
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  • The rules of walking with a dog are dictated by the law, which, in particular, prescribes walking exclusively on a leash. Whether it’s a leash or a tape measure is not important. It is allowed to release the animal from the leash only on special walking grounds.
  • You will need a collar or a harness for the leash. A collar made of thinner skin is suitable for puppies, and a thicker one for adult dogs. Attach an addressee tag to the collar indicating the dog’s nickname and your phone number. If the dog suddenly gets lost, you will have a better chance of finding each other.
  • According to the law, dog owners are obliged to clean up waste products for their pet. Dog poop is best put away in plastic bags and disposed of in bins, after tying the ends. But the responsible owner will choose the best poop bags for the environment, which are not made of plastic, but of corn starch. This way you will not only comply with the law, but also take care of the environment and society.

    best poop bags for the environment
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  • Dogs from the list of “potentially dangerous breeds” must be muzzled. In fact, muzzles are needed by any aggressive animals, regardless of their size and breed. The muzzle is needed for the safety of both others and the dog itself.

These simple things will make your walk safe not only for you and your pet, but also for society and the environment.

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