Where to buy playstation network card

black sony ps2 controller
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Before buying Play Station card you should define what card you would like to have. There are two types.

PlayStation Network Card

PlayStation Network Card 100 PLN is a gift card that is used to access or purchase games and other paid content from the PlayStation Store. When you redeem a PlayStation Network Gift Card, the amount equal to its face value will be credited to your PlayStation Network account.

PlayStation Plus Cards

PlayStation Plus Cards are gift cards that are used to redeem a specific term of a subscription with access to PlayStation Plus services. Gift cards have a 12-digit code. This code is used to redeem the card.

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Many PlayStation Stores offer players the largest library of PlayStation products in the world.‎ You may choose from hundreds of games, from little titles to big-budget ones, add-ons, in-game credits, season passes, movies and more, all accessed through your PlayStation console, computer or mobile device.‎

How to get and pay

It’s simple: a number of sites are overflowing with offers for the sale of Gift-cards for different regions. You register on the portal, select the desired card, pay for the purchase with the card and receive a key that must be activated in the PS Store of the region you have chosen. In the UK, for example, these are cards for £5, £10, £20, £25, £30, £35 and £50 – a very flexible choice, so buy psn uk. After activation, the funds will be credited to your wallet, and they can be spent at your discretion: for games and a subscription.

Regional PS Stores in the UK, USA and Poland are working as stable as possible, there should not be any difficulties with payment in them. Buying a Gift-card is also almost risk-free: just choose a popular seller with a large number of orders and you are guaranteed to get a key.

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