The best gift is unique impressions

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Bagan was the capital of the ancient kingdom. Now it is a district of Myanmar, which includes small villages and an archaeological area with countless Buddhist architectural creations, pagodas, and stupas.  Bagan is an incredibly beautiful place that doesn’t need photoshop to be beautiful.  Even two temples nearby cause delight, and thousands of fantastic structures amaze and forever engrave in memory with their spiers and openwork turrets.  In order to see this beauty, you can go to the temples by bus, use a scooter or bicycle.  But the most extraordinary experience can be obtained by choosing the Bagan hot air balloon.

Weather conditions in Bagan are ideal for hot air ballooning.  No wonder this entertainment has become so popular.  Of course, it is quite expensive, but the amazing views are worth it!  There are several thousand pagodas, stupas, temples in Bagan, and you can see almost everything from a balloon.  Thousands of pagodas first appear before you in the predawn fog and then, they are illuminated by the sun.  This is such beauty that shocked tourists sometimes even forget to take photos.  It’s okay, the balloon pilot has a special camera and you will get a souvenir photo after landing.

In general, hot air balloon flights over Bagan are very well organized whichever of the four companies you apply to.  A special bus will pick you up from your hotel early in the morning and take you to your departure point (after the flight, you will return to the hotel by the same bus).  Before the flight, you will get coffee, snacks, and safety briefings, and upon landing, you will have some champagne and a special individual flight certificate.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of admiring the beauty of Bagan from above.  These are the very memories that will warm your soul for many years.  Maybe you would like to repeat this amazing experience?

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