Glitter for eyes and lips: obscenely beautiful budget sparkle

Glitter for eyes and lips: obscenely beautiful budget sparkle
Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

What girl doesn’t love glitter, especially for party and evening makeup? There are probably few of them. A good glitter is a must have for shiny makeup. But where to buy glitter for tumblers? At first glance, glitters from Lrisy are not much different from others, but we should consider quality most of all. All the same bright colors, rich pigmentation, particles sparkling in the sun. All glitters are the same and even, without sharp edges, which is very important for a safe application. The shimmer is flat, round and also quite large. As the manufacturer assures, glitter can be used not only as eyeshadow, but also for lips or other areas of the face. The product is synthetic, but safe for health. It can be ordered in batches on the Internet as much as you like. A large selection will not leave you indifferent: a huge number of colors, sizes, shapes will make you visit this store more and more often.

Glitter easily adheres to the surface, both wet and dry. It works well with powdery textures without mixing or coloring. The consistency is homogeneous, tactilely shining particles are not felt at all on the eyes or face. Glitter is distributed evenly, without lumps. The sequins do not crumble, they last throughout the day. The big plus is that the shimmer does not fade, it retains its color.

You can apply it with your fingers, but it is best to do this with a napkin. The first layer of the product is easy to apply with rubbing movements (the shimmer does not prick), and layering – by patting. It is best to apply glitter to a special base or lip balm. If you get used to it, you can create a gradient effect of different colors on the eyelids. From the first coat, glitter gives an intense color, so it is not necessary to use an underlay.

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