The most avid online shopaholics live in the UK

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United Kingdom Cards Association released a report on the costs of online shopping in different countries of the world in the years 2014-2016. It turned out that the most avid network shopaholics live in the United Kingdom. On average, one British household makes purchases with plastic cards, spending 5,9 thousand dollars a year. The second place take the Norwegians (5,4 thousand dollars a year), then the residents of the USA and Australia (4,5 thousand dollars and 4 thousand dollars). Among the countries with the lowest costs on the online shopping were South Africa (0,2 thousand dollars per year per household) and India (0.1 thousand dollars). According to the National Bureau of statistics of Great Britain, in 2016 about 77 percent of population in the country, made a purchase online. For comparison, in 2008, online shopping was practiced a little more than by half of the population. During the year the British made 1.8 billion online purchases amounting to 219 billion dollars, more than a quarter of them have made various financial payments.

It is known that women like shopping more than men and, accordingly they spend money more. British scientists have found female shopping, in some cases, useful. They compare it to fitness classes. As it turned out, that on average, woman goes more than 300 kilometers while shopping. Such a load can burn about 15,000 calories, which is approximately 67 bars of chocolate. And if one goes shopping twice a week for two hours, then over a lifetime he can cover the distance of almost 20,000 kilometers.

No one will probably argue with the fact that a good shopping raises people’s spirits. The study showed that people receive more positive emotions, when they select the product “live” and not in online stores. Perhaps this proves the fact that in “real” thing can be viewed from all sides and can be touched. Besides, in order to acquire it, the buyer has to communicate with a seller, and live chat for many people can be a deficit, so it often leads us to a state of positivity, relieves stress and anxiety.

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