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shopping secrets
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It is not a secret that shop owners want to earn more money. There is nothing wrong with that. In the same way, there is nothing wrong that we want to save as much money as possible while shopping. And there is a golden mean between these two. We want to provide you with some shopping secrets that will help you to redress the balance.

Although ways to save are hidden by shop workers, you can read them. Use our tips to know when there is a hidden code on a price tag that tells you if an item is going to be on sale shortly, to learn how to shop with vouchers and to know where it is better to shop for Zara clothes. Now let us start!

1. Use Vouchers

There are websites such as where you can find lots of free vouchers to shop online. All you have to do is to go to the website, choose a category you are interested in, find an offer that suits your needs, and follow the link to reveal your discount code. Such approach will help you to save lots of money, we promise.

2. Read Hidden Discount Codes on Store Price Tags

If you are looking for shopping treasures, note that some of them are hidden on price store tags. Before the item appears on the market shelves, the staff of the market prepares price tags using numbers, letters or dots that can signalize of future sales. So if you find some full price item you want to buy, you can read those hidden signs to ensure if it is necessary to buy it now or if it is better to hold off until the price will be reduced.

If you can read the signs left by the staff on price tags, you can get a head-start before the sales officially begin. Although this system is used not everywhere, you can use it while shopping at Next, Monsoon and River Island. Retail insiders tell that it can be applied on some other shops, so you can try it to figure out whether it is really so.

So how to decode those signs? All you have to do is to remember that if you see such codes as B14, G4, P7, OB9 and S13, usually they signalize of sale planned. You can ignore the numbers as they are related to the location of some particular item in the store. Pay attention to numbers as they can tell you about the future price of the item.

The greatest disadvantage of this method is that you never know when the sale is going to start. For sure, you can try to ask staff, but it is unlikely that it will help as workers of the shop may not even know themselves. Nevertheless, people who use this method usually say that normally within a week pencil marks will appear.

Also, note that there is a chance that items you want to buy can sell out while you are waiting for the sale to start. Nevertheless, when the sale will eventually start, you will be able to pay up to half as much just because you wait for a couple of days.

3. Know Where to Buy Zara Clothes

If you are planning your trip to Europe, it will be wise to include Spain in the list to shop for Zara clothes. The thing is that this giant Spanish fashion brand sells its clothes abroad on far more higher prices than in its native country. To prove it, you can go to Spanish Zara website and select the English language to check the prices available in Spain. You will see that sometimes you can save up to 50% is your shop for Zara Clothes in the native country of the brand. According to a research, Zara in Spain is 38% cheaper than it is in the UK.

Photo by Gabriel Blaj | Dreamstime

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