Types of your joy: fireworks

Types of your joy
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

Any holiday, be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, banquet, is not complete without an enchanting explosion of firecrackers and fireworks. Many people believe that pyrotechnic shows are in vogue and are organized for any reason and without it, but you must admit that what a holiday will be solemn and memorable without such a surprise from firework shop. Moreover, there are not so many spectacles in the world that, by the strength of the impact, could blind the picture of the open sky with all the colors of the rainbow.

As for fireworks for an enclosed space, as they are also called mini-fireworks or halls, there are also several types here, namely:

Flares are special fireworks that shoot up millions of sparks with great force and disappear instantly. With this type of fireworks, you can achieve an unforgettable effect for the culmination of the event. The height of the flares reaches 8 meters;

Fountains, as a rule, are a bright stream of silvery, gold, multicolored sparks, while there are rotating fountains and fountain batteries. These types of fireworks are very effective not only in the dark, but also during the day. Both during the day and in the evening they are a very bright stream of sparks, the height of which can reach 6 meters. There are also special tabletop fountains. You can buy fireworks to set them on fire even on a festive table.

So, for example, fireworks for the street are usually ground-based, the height of which does not exceed 15 meters. This type of fireworks includes rocket fireworks or fountains (or groups of fountains) of various colors, static and dynamic burning figures, fiery inscriptions, pyrotechnic flashes and other elements. Ground fireworks are an integral part of the pyrotechnic show. Demonstration of ground fireworks is carried out in both large and small areas.

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