What is the reason of choosing bamboo toothbrush?

bamboo brush

The popularity of bamboo products is increasing, various models are on the market, including pink toothbrushes. The use of devices with bamboo fibers is a good choice for the prevention of the oral cavity diseases. Special design of the product allows you to massage the gums, it can be used without the use of paste, soft pile does not scratch the tooth enamel.

Brushes using bamboo fibers are represented by several types, differ in the manufacturer, spraying, rigidity of the pile and the solution to certain problems.

pink toothbrushes

Tourmaline spraying improves the oral cavity and helps to restore the necessary balance of ions.

The main cause of gum inflammation is pathogenic microorganisms. The product with gold spraying successfully fights this problem. It also eliminates bleeding gums.

Silver spraying is especially beneficial for gums, it improves trophism and fights bleeding.

Coal spray removes bacterial plaque, freshens breath, eliminates odor from the oral cavity.

Jade spraying eliminates bacteria and prevents their further appearance, allows you to keep freshness in the oral cavity for a long time. It increases immunity and fights with calcified debris.

How to choose the right brush? The criteria for choosing a bamboo brush are individual, it is necessary to determine what problems it should solve: whiten teeth, strengthen enamel, get rid of calcified debris, improve blood circulation. When choosing a device, you should pay attention to the stiffness of the pile. People often choose a soft pile for sensitive teeth with thinned enamel. Bamboo brushes have no contraindications.

You can not use a toothpaste, but you should know that the cleaning result will be better with complex use. The rules of care differ slightly from the usual ones: after brushing your teeth, rinse thoroughly with water.

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