What platform should be chosen for business improvement?

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What is Ergonized? With the help of process automation, it helps to build a dialogue with the customer more effectively, to avoid mistakes in the work and, as a result, to sell him more.

How does it look? Imagine an Excel spreadsheet with your client base, but only when you click on the client’s name, a convenient card opens, which contains the entire chronology of working with it – from the first call to the purchase. Here you can listen to calls, view purchase history, create documents according to a template, write an e-mail or sms messages, set a task.

When a customer calls you, Salesforce consulting partner offers to open his card, and you immediately greet him by name. Even if before this buyer was led by another manager, you can easily answer his questions without any “clarify and call back”. It will send an sms message about the status of the order to the client and remind you of the meeting. As a result, you save time (yours, and the client’s). So, it makes him purchase your product.

Automation helps you to be sure that everything works quickly and clearly, and the errors of the “human factor” are kept to a minimum. Ergonized takes the whole routine on itself: forms the documents according to a template, sets tasks for managers at each stage of the transaction, sends sms messages to clients, creates online reports on all indicators, calculates the cost of services through the built-in calculator, and also keeps track of important dates (reminds you to extend the contract, set invoice for payment, offer service, etc.)

Due to this app, managers make fewer mistakes, which means they sell more and more often. In addition, it becomes easier for the manager to run the company: it spends less time on control and gets more resources to grow your business.

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