What to Look for Before Purchasing an Electric Scooter?

i9max scooter
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At the moment, there are many scooters on the electrical market for different needs. Therefore, when choosing an electric scooter, rely on technical and operational characteristics. First of all, you need to determine the main purpose of use. You plan to drive around the city for short or medium distances on a good roadway, in this case, models with a power of 350-800 watts will do. Or trips out of town and off-road in the country, for this you need more powerful models – 1000-2000 watts. The weight/height of the rider, the style of riding, even the climatic conditions of your region matter when choosing.

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Electric scooter dimensions

The choice of model depends on your complexion. This is important not only for comfort, but also for safety. The greater the weight and height, the more powerful the scooter must be, otherwise it will not show the maximum of its capabilities. Its maneuverability also depends on the dimensions of the electric scooter, therefore, if you choose the wrong vehicle, this will affect the behavior while riding. Changes, for example, range, cross-country ability, the ability to overcome the rise, the length of the braking distance and the speed of entry into corners.

Power reserve, battery power

iscooter characteristics
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The maximum range on a full charge is between 10 km and 70 km. However, this parameter is very relative, it is influenced by driving style, speed of movement, rider weight and road surface. Modern iScooters are mainly equipped with lithium-polymer batteries, which are considered more durable and resourceful.

Engine power

Before purchasing an electric scooter, it will be useful to understand a little about the nuances of the operation of engines and the gradation of their capacities, since this affects the cross-country ability, acceleration rate, rated speed, as well as the ability to transport goods and passengers.

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