What to Wear on a Yacht?

two persons on yacht
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If you are going on a sea voyage on a yacht for the first time, it is difficult to imagine what would be inappropriate in such conditions, and what you simply cannot do without. Questions arise: how to dress, what to take with you, and what is better to leave at home.

Checklist of the most necessary things

We put the most necessary things in a waterproof bag or bag. This:

  • Money;
  • Documents;
  • Logbook (passport for drivers and yachtsmen);
  • For a planned visit to another country – visas and passports;
  • Issued insurance. You can take out insurance for a yacht on a website such as https://www.admiralyacht.com/.

The basic principle of collecting on a yacht: all things should be as comfortable and practical as possible.

person laying on yacht
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What clothes and shoes to wear for a yacht in summer

Light clothes are needed for summer boat trips. You will need several T–shirts with short and long sleeves, light shirts, light jeans or trousers, shorts, and a sweater for cool nights. A waterproof vest is practical – it will protect you from the fresh sea wind.

Shoes are yacht topsiders or sneakers, but always with light soles! The black sole leaves traces on the snow-white surface of the deck. In good weather or during parking on the deck, it is allowed to move barefoot. A headdress is required – a cap, a bandana, a hat.

big yacht
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What you need to take in the cold season

If the yacht trip is planned for the winter or the cold off–season, then it’s worth taking with you:

  • Two changes of thermal underwear;
  • A set of fleece clothing – a jacket, pants;
  • Special shoes for yachts (boots);
  • Warm socks (several pairs), a hat covering the ears, a scarf, gloves.

Regardless of the time of year, take a change of underwear for every day. Bring gloves for working with ropes. Take care of sleep: prepare clothes for sleeping, earplugs, if extraneous noise prevents you from falling asleep.

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