What You Should Know About Good Cookware

What You Should Know About Good Cookware
Image by Daniela Mackova from Pixabay

Every woman loves beautiful and durable dishes. When choosing, special attention is paid to the material from which it is made, so today many people prefer clay products. When buying polish pottery hand-painted ceramic mugs everyone should pay attention to some details.

Earthenware has been used in cooking and serving dishes, salting vegetables or mushrooms, and storing water or wine. Since ancient times, jugs, plates, pots have been made from red clay – everything you need for daily use in the kitchen. It is the safest environmentally friendly material that does not contain any harmful impurities and additives.

The choice of pottery should be influenced primarily by the processing method used. For example, red clay dishes covered with poor-quality glaze may not be safe to use. However, this should be feared when purchasing cheap cookware.

Another way of processing pottery is milk firing. This is the most natural and safest way to process earthenware, as only ordinary milk is used for it. After the first firing, the finished earthenware is dipped in milk, the porous clay absorbs it into the walls of the vessel, and then the master burns the dishes again. Thus, the vessel becomes practically waterproof, it is easier and more convenient to wash and store it.

However, it should be borne in mind that the use of glazed red clay cookware is much easier than, for example, cooking in a dairy clay pot. Glazed dishes are easier to wash and dry. Food particles do not get into the pores of the clay, the glaze can be washed with cleaning products and even in the dishwasher (if the products are glazed both inside and out). But earthenware without glaze must be soaked in cool water for a while before use – then the red clay will absorb the liquid and in the oven will give it away for food, making the dish soft and juicy. Although glazed dishes are easier to use, there will be no such effect of steam cooking. Milk and other utensils without glaze should be washed without cleaning agents and allowed to dry thoroughly to prevent mold from forming.

It is very convenient to use dishes made of red clay, covered with glaze inside and out. Such dishes are covered with glaze on all sides. It is used in the same way as ordinary stoneware made of pottery or porcelain. It can be washed with any product, as well as in a dishwasher. Colourful ceramic mugs can be painted by hand or with decal. You can buy hand-painted pottery in many stores. Such dishes are rightfully considered universal. It can be used in electric ovens, microwave ovens. Food cooked in clay dishes does not burn. The cooking heat is evenly distributed so that the food does not have to be mixed.

Flour in clay pots will always remain fresh without lumps. If you want to leave the dishes in the refrigerator, let them cool completely and only then place them in the fridge. When choosing a product, you should always pay attention to the manufacturer’s company. Naturally, the undisputed option is the handicraft tableware.

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