Where Can You Listen to the Music of Modern Famous Composers Live?

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London is a special place for music lovers due to the role that this city has played in the history of both music in general and in the lives of individual musicians. There are many significant and iconic places in every district of London: shops, museums, concert venues that will be of interest to avid music lovers and musicians. But where can you hear the virtuoso piano playing of composers known for their film music?

Royal Albert Hall

This grand concert hall is located opposite Hyde Park. The interiors are decorated in regal shades of red and gold, and the acoustics benefit from sound-absorbing fiberglass discs hanging from the ceiling.

If you want to listen to live music from the French tape “1 + 1”, then you can go to the https://redevents.uk/ and find out when the concert will take place and buy a ticket in advance. These companies organize similar concerts in different concert halls. This one is one of them.

If you didn’t know, then the composer of this famous music is Ludovico Einaudi. At the concert you will be able to learn his other compositions.

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Union Chapel

This is a wonderful place – a functioning church during the day and a cosy concert hall at night. The acoustics are impressive, and there are few such atmospheric places in London. Here you can hear the music from first album of Max Richter, in which the music was superimposed on the reading of poetry, and in his subsequent albums artistic prose was also used.

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Barbican Centre

The Barbican is Europe’s largest venue for various artistic events, and its stunning wood-panelled concert hall houses the London Symphony Orchestra. You will be able to enjoy the music of Hans Zimmer, that is, you will be able to enjoy many compositions from box office films and cartoons, including “Sherlock Holmes”, “Madagascar”, “The Lion King”.

In the modern world, listening to music live has its own charm, so you need to look for good companies that organize such events.

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