Where to buy real English tea in London?

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One of the sights of London is traditional English tea party. This ritual appeared in the XIX century with the light hand of the young Duchess of Bedford, who loved to entertain her guests with tea with light snacks during the break between lunch and dinner. Here is the review of the best tea shops in London.

Fortnum & Mason

It is worth to buy tea at Fortnum & Mason is at least in order to enjoy the drink, which is served to the Queen. For more than 300 years Fortnum & Mason is a supplier of the Royal court. Only there one can buy exclusive tea blends, created by experts of Fortnum & Mason for members of the Royal family, for example, Royal Blend, which was grown and manufactured specially for Edward VII. Sweet tea in their brand-name blue packaging Fortnum & Mason can be as a wonderful and useful gift.

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Postcard Teas

“The most exquisite tea shop of London” — so calls itself a Postcard Teas, and such a binding definition is justified. Postcard Teas is working with private suppliers worldwide, to bring to London rare varieties, each of which has not only amazing taste, but also own individuality. An experienced store staff will help customers to choose a suitable tea and accessories for tea ceremony.


At Harrods, which is considered the best Department store in the world, it is possible not only drink tea, but to buy the best variety in elegant gift box. Harrods has a reputation of one of the most expensive shops in London, but really anyone can buy something here for himself, even if it’s just a nice little thing, gifts or gourmet gifts such as fancy box with several kinds of English tea.


This lovely shop has been in existence for more than 300 years, beginning from 1706, when tea began to gain popularity in Britain. Today, Twinings offers its customers an extensive selection of tea, as the most rare and expensive, and simple everyday varieties, each of which one can try at the counter tasting. There is a small exhibition in the store — a Museum with a collection of antique teapots.

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