Which shops in London should visit music lover or musician?

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London is a special place for music lovers thanks to the role, played by this city in the history of music in general and in the lives of individual musicians. Every district of London has many important and iconic places: shops, museums, concert halls that will be interest to the avid music lovers and musicians.

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Denmark Street is a small street in Central London, which is closely connected with the history of British music. Many of the buildings, which are located there, have a particular relevance to the development of jazz, punk and rhythm and Blues in Britain. At the time, Jimi Hendrix was making records in the basement, situated on this street. There Elton John wrote one of his early songs — “Your Song”.

Denmark Street is also famous for the biggest concentration of a variety of music stores. The incredible feature of these stores is that each of them thematically. There is no huge multimarket where everything is on sale. On the contrary, each store represents a different musical direction or instruments. One of the oldest musical instrument shops in London Rose Morris is situated on Denmark Street. There one can buy guitars, drums, piano and many other instruments and music equipment. The first floor of the store has a department of notes and teaching AIDS, including illustrative video about the game on various instruments.

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True audiophiles and music lovers even in the 21st century can’t beat the sound of vinyl records with any other recordings, which can be found in many independent music stores of London, for example, in Sister Ray. There one can find the latest innovations and excellent selection of rare and collectible vinyl records. Rough Trade East is another independent shop with a good selection of vinyl records, but also a kind of club for music lovers: the store has a small cafe and a cozy area with computers and couches. From time to time music performances are held there

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