How to choose a good water pump

How to choose a good water pump
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Pumps are used to supply a private house from a well. They differ in design and principle of operation, which affect performance. The choice of a water supply station at home is influenced by many factors.

Attention is paid primarily to the technical parameters:

  • engine power;
  • volume of water that is pumped in 1 hour or minute;
  • storage tank capacity;
  • height of the water column that the pump can create.

Main characteristics of the volume of pumped water and pressure by the manufacturer indicate the maximum.

In addition to technical characteristics, when buying pay attention to the features of the models:

  • presence of a float switch. It breaks the power circuit when the water level drops to a mark that is dangerous for the engine.
  • dry running relays are installed at the request of the buyer. The purpose is similar to a float switch, but a different principle of operation.
  • size of suspended sand particles in water. It is indicated in the certification, the model is chosen in accordance with the quality of water.

It is also worth paying attention to the manufacturer. Decent firms that have a good reputation among customers, for example Grundfos, is what you really need. Models of unknown manufacturers are not so good. Some of them use outdated technology for sealing the motor shaft with undurable end caps. After a while they lose their density, at high pressure they begin to pass water. Graphite rings are a modern technological solution.

Built-in non-return valve, weight and dimensions, duration and possibilities of warranty service. These characteristics are less important, but affect the choice.

A significant role is played by the material from which the body and the main components are made. It affects durability, price and performance.

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