London antique market

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One of the best ways to learn something about the London antique market is to visit a few fairs. They are divided into several categories: the majority of London fairs are traditional, they are reminiscent of a charitable or costume balls and the entrance to this fair costs few pounds. Some fairs are less formal; others represent good old-fashioned County fairs, where anyone can place their goods. They are usually held out of town. Some fairs are very good (June’s full of such events), while others do not represent any interest. It will be a good idea to visit such events taking place in Alexandra Palace, as the most ambitious fairs in London are held there.

Chelsea Antique Fair

Traditional Chelsea Antique fair is held twice a year, in March and September. It is nice to come in September because the weather is usually beautiful, and most of the tourists have already left town. However, the March fair is not so crowded and this is where one can make the most bargains. This fair has been running for over 60 years. Please note that it is arranged close to several antique galleries on the Kings Road.

Grosvenor House Antique Fair

It is one of the best antique fairs in London, which is conducted every year after Derby and before the race in Askole and the Wimbledon tournament. It’s a real Season! The most famous antique dealers from across Britain are invited to submit their best pieces, and everything except the painting must be older than 100 years. The Committee examines all things on the subject of their authenticity. It is also one of the most important events of social life of the Season, and watch the crowds as much fun as admiring the exhibited item of the same vintage.

International Ceramics Fair

This fair has become an annual event that has its adherents. As a rule, the fair coincides with the Grosvenor House Antique Fair, as they complement each other. Some of this antique glassware is so delicate and fragile that their shipping from fair to home can turn into a problem. Here are all kinds of ceramics, including some foreign samples.

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